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2009 Southern Independent Book Association - Darden North signs with other authors

Excerpt from the SIBA Blog ( "Authors went on the auction block Saturday night (September 26, 2009) to raise buckets of money for the local Greenville charity Loaves & Fishes. Authors “Tweeted” their answers to questions in an attempt to whet the appetite of bookstore owners who “bought” them for the evening to have dinner and chat at local restaurants. The brave authors featured were those whose books were nominated for 2009 SIBA Book of the Year Award. Brave authors ( and their novels) who participated: Gigi Amateau Chauncy of the Maury River Raymond Atkins The Front Porch Prophet Gene Fehler Beanball Susan Gregg Gilmore Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen Alan Gratz Something Wicked Patricia Harman The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife’s Memoir N. M. Kelby Murder at the Bad Girl’s Bar and Grill Howard Lee The Courage to Lead Ed Madden Signals William McKinney Holy Smoke: The Big book of North Carolina Barbecue Mary Alice Monroe Time is a

Darden North to sign at the Sisters-In-Crime/SE Chapter of Mystery Writers of America Booth at the Southern Independent Book Association Trade Show

Date: Saturday, 9/26/2009 Time: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Location: Booth W42 - Carolina Center - Greenville, SC Southern Independent Book Association Trade Show Mystery and medical thriller author Darden North to be featured at the book signing booth co-sponsored by Sisters-In-Crime and the Southeast Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, scheduled in conjunction with the 2009 Southern Independent Book Association Trade Show. For more info:

FRESH FROZEN Receives First Honors for Cover Design in National Book Award Contest

Darden North to participate in The Writers' Block

Southern Independent Book Association (SIBA)Trade Show 2009 Greenville, SC September 25-27, 2009 Darden North will be one of several book award authors "put on" The Writers’ Block - SIBA's first-ever Feed-an-Author Auction & Reception Saturday, September 26, 2009, 6 - 7:30 p.m., SIBA 2009 Trade Show, Carolina First Center, Greenville, SC. Reprinted from the Southern Independent Book Association (SIBA) website: Bring your money and outbid your neighbor at this first ever SIBA FunRaiser! 2009 Book Award Authors will go on the block. You bid for the privilege of taking them out to dinner. Once the going, going, gones are announced the winning bidders and authors are off to dinner together. The minimum bid is $20 and must be raised in increments of at least one dollar. Shuttles will be available to take folks downtown to our sponsor Table 301’s family of restaurants. Every author package will include a restaurant gift card. A percentage of the proceed will got to L

Photos from Recent Book Signings

POINTS OF ORIGIN reviewed by author Martha A. Cheves

***** Points of Origin - Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat July 14, 2009 "Great ending!" 'Cordell Pixler, Esquire, had a new wife, his fourth... Anyone who already knew the latest Mrs.Cordell Pixler, or subsequently met her, thought her more attractive and definitely much younger than her attorney husband. Much to his chagrin, Pixler had not been persuasive enough to coax his voluptuous bride to move permanently into the mortgage-free home, the one his third wife insisted he buy and remodel extensively several years before his third divorce... Rachel Pixler wanted a brand new house... Furthermore it would have to be located in the most exclusive area of Larkspur, that being Manorwood Heights.' Cordell Pixler obtained his money through the destruction of others. When Flowers Ridley's mother Charity decided Flowers needed "adjustments" to bring her inner beauty to the surface she went to the best plastic surgeon around, Sherida

Darden North interviewed by Fran Stewart on "Mystery Matters: Where Murder is an Open Book"

Interviewed live by author and Voice of America radio host Fran Stewart on Friday, May 22, 2009 and archived at Darden North, M.D. – a Doctor Whose Writing You Can Read Darden North is a native of Mississippi and a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in Jackson, MS. His work lends unmistakable authenticity to his medical thrillers. Set in the Deep South, North’s contemporary novels are built around intense -- yet believable – characters who are often embroiled in controversy. His three novels medical thrillers are HOUSE CALL, POINTS OF ORIGIN, and most recently, FRESH FROZEN. A few years ago, Darden North hung up his golf clubs for a laptop – but on occasion is still spotted with a croquet mallet or garden shovel. He is writing a fourth novel as he continues to deliver babies and maintain a full gynecological practice. His tag line is: “A doctor whose writing you can read.” Stewart's website is:

Father's Day Present Comes a Little Early

The day was Mother's Day 2009, and the mother of my two children was enjoying her coffee in bed before we were to get ready for church. I had taken my own mother out to lunch the day before in Jackson, MS, and we had a very nice visit. As sort of an early Father's Day present for me, however, I checked my email that Sunday morning to learn that my third novel, FRESH FROZEN , had just received two additional national book awards, for which I am thankful: Winner, Best Cover Design and Finalist, Regional Fiction in the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards. Thank you for letting me share this with you, Darden North

FRESH FROZEN Recognized in Fiction by National Book Award

FRESH FROZEN by Darden North, MD, was awarded Honorable Mention in Fiction in the 2009 San Francisco Book Festival Awards as announced by Bruce Haring and staff. Results are posted at

Southern Medical Mysteries

Southern Medical Mysteries by Darden North, MD Originally published on Jean Henry Mead's Mysterious People O4/2009 “So, you write medical mysteries?” the lady recently asked. Forget that I was inside on that beautiful spring weekend, oblivious to the nice weather, helping a Junior League organization in a nearby city raise funds for its many philanthropies. Of course, many of my doctor buddies (that is, the other ones not on call for my ob/gyn practice) were playing golf, turkey hunting, or vacationing on the beach with their families. Several years ago, I decided that my diversionary, non-physician talent resonated in writing fiction, novels in particular, so I gave up golf and left the frequent hunting trips to my son, although I still like trips to the beach. I guess the wisdom of focusing that talent in a literary direction remains in the hands and eyes of such inquisitive readers as the one at that book signing. In response to her quest

Darden North, author of medical thrillers, is featured on Mysterious People

"Mysterious People" --- Interviews with mystery/suspense/thriller/crime authors as well as articles written by them --- Sunday, April 19, 2009 ... A Conversation with Darden North, MD, author of FRESH FROZEN Hosted by author Jean Henry Mead Darden North, a practicing obstetrician, is a graduate of Ole Miss and writes award-winning medical thrillers from John Grisham territory.

Thick Skin and Rock-hard Confidence: Survival Tips from a Teflon Novelist - by Darden North, M.D.

This article initially appeared in the Author Exchange Blog hosted by Linda M. Faulkner on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 Author Exchange Blog ...Reviews with published authors, along with their articles, advice, and writing tips... Thick Skin and Rock-hard Confidence: Survival Tips from a Teflon Novelist - by Darden North, M.D. When I first decided to write a novel, my children were pre-teens and John Grisham was cornering the fiction market. Grisham was also from Mississippi and selling millions of books so I reasoned that I could do the same, or at least come close. For much too long, I had talked about writing a novel, and by that time I was finally ready to do it. Besides, after 24 years of formal education followed by a decade of private medical practice, I had been exposed to a smorgasbord of colorful folks--and I’m not referring to the patients. In fact, for my first novel, I had the major characters clearly in mind before the plot even developed. That developmental process was

Writers' Rituals – Darden North "The Mysterious Writing Habits of Crime Writers from Around the World" by Janice Hally

Writers' Rituals – Darden North - on by Janice Hally -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mysterious Writing Habits of Crime Writers from Around the World "Writers' Rituals – Darden North: The Mysterious Writing Habits of Crime Writers from Around the World" - Interview of Darden North by Janice Hally of 03/16/2009 Janice Hailey interviews author Darden North on Suite in the ongoing feature that delves into the mysterious writing habits of authors of crime fiction:

Darden North Interviewed on Linda M. Faulkner's Author Exchange Blog

The published interview of March 15, 2009, is reproduced below: Darden North, M.D., author of three medical thrillers, is the featured author this week on Author Exchange Blog . His article, Thick Skin and Rock-hard Confidence: Survival Tips from a Teflon Novelist, will appear on the Blog on Tuesday. - Author Exchange Blog Reviews with published authors, along with their articles, advice, and writing tips... Sunday, March 15, 2009 AUTHOR INTERVIEW WITH DARDEN NORTH Darden North, M.D. is a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in Jackson, Mississippi--a background that lends unmistakable authenticity to his medical thrillers. All three of his books--FRESH FROZEN, POINTS OF ORIGIN, and HOUSE CALL--have earned numerous awards and impressive sales. ******************** Who is the one person who most encouraged or influenced you to be a writer—and why? My family, particularly my wife and mother, encouraged me to write a novel although I’m not sure why they thou

A Non-cook Reviews a Kitchen Talent

Book Review Stir, Laugh, Repeat: Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen Author: Martha A Cheves Publisher: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC Softcover, 2008, 154 pages. $12.99 U.S. $16.99 Canada My wife has often suggested I take up cooking. In fact, one of my physician friends was recently featured in our local paper doing just that. It seems that the anesthesiologist expertly prepares gourmet meals on his grill and makes it look easy. Anyway, I have never taken my wife’s suggestion about cooking and instead have started writing books. And it seems that a major aspect of being a twenty-first century author is networking with other writers as well as with readers --- lots of readers, one hopes. This networking with other literary minds and writing groups, both in person and via the Internet, has lead me to author Martha A. Cheves and her culinary creations in Stir, Laugh, Repeat: Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen. Cheves’s beautiful cookbook found its way to my m

Darden North Has Virtual Sit-Down Interview with Angela Wilson on POP SYNDICATE 02/2009 Book Addict with Angela Wilson Virtual Sitdown with Darden North 02/06/2009 by Angela Wilson Darden North takes his medical acumen into the writing realm, thrilling readers with medical mysteries guaranteed to keep them on edge. Today, North sits down for a chat with Book Addict Editor Angela Wilson. Find out more about his writing habits and his latest novel. Book Addict: Tell us about your latest novel, Fresh Frozen. Darden: In this contemporary medical thriller, a young policeman and his tormented wife discover that human reproductive tissue can become a fatal commodity. A grisly southern murder, a movie star, and a heist of frozen human embryos draw both male and female readers of mystery and suspense into an intriguing twist of human greed, mental torment, and medical science. Fresh Frozen was released in hardcover in October 2008. Book Addict:
You are an obstetrician/gynecologist by day. What do you see i

Our South magazine interviews author Darden North - Winter 2009


Martha A. Cheves posts a review of FRESH FROZEN on Book Masons

FRESH FROZEN by Darden North, MD Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves February 25, 2009 Fresh Frozen was a very interesting book. Not only did it go into the field of medical technology, but it also included a spy and a murder. In Fresh Frozen, Dr. Van Deman owns an Infertility Center in Mississippi. Tinker Murtagh is the spy I mentioned, but who would need to spy on an Infertility Center and who hired him? Police Officer Sarbeck and his wife are desperate to have a family; can Dr. Van Deman help them? And then there are the wealthy mystery women. Why would 2 women who have everything need Dr. Van Deman's help? What is the good doctor really doing within the center besides making money? And who will die? The intrigue continued as I turned each page and watched the characters all come together forming the story of Fresh Frozen . I was so involved in this book that I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Fresh Frozen is different from most books I've read. In most books, no ma


AUTHOR GERI AHEARN'S BOOK REVIEWS Thursday, February 5, 2009 *****REVIEW ~~ FRESH FROZEN ~~ By Author DARDEN NORTH, MD BRILLIANT! … Reproductive Technology becomes a horror, and ethical and moral standards cross the boundaries of law, becoming nonexistent in this extraordinary, but still realistic, medical thriller. How far will the Sarbecks go during their quest to become parents? Does their intimacy force them to become ignorant of their own actions, while blinding to the consequences? During the unexpected trials and tribulations does a controversy exist between the gifted hands of man and God's hands? Do Wesley and Carrie walk through the forbidden doors of infertility to erase the pain that torments them every day? I recommend Fresh Frozen to all thriller lovers … and to readers who crave the inside scene of Hollywood celebrities. In his third medical thriller, award-winning author Darden North takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride that covers every human em

Houston Texas Writers Group features FRESH FROZEN

The Final Twist Houston Texas Writers Group Featured Author Fresh Frozen by Darden North REVIEW BLURBS – Fresh Frozen, a novel by Darden North, MD “Darden North has delivered with his latest. Fresh Frozen is no quick-and-easy ‘beach’ read, but instead makes the reader pause, look deep inside, and question his own ethical and moral standards. North is a talented writer.” Susan O’Bryan, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS “North has a talent for creating both believable and absorbing characters. This novel was made for the screen.” Denise Grones, Delta Magazine “FRESH Frozen should come with a warning label: Insomnia and repetitive motion disorder caused by rapid page turning may result.” Kathy Spurlock, Executive Editor, he News-Star Monroe, LA “ … an interestingly mixed plot complete with greed, angst, and murder. North has become a master of medical expense.” Nan Graves Goodman Portico Magazine

Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Announces 2009 Award Nominees

For immediate release Further information: Dorothy Shawhan Delta State University 662—846-4060 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Announces Two Lifetime Achievement Award Winners in Celebration of Its Thirtieth Anniversary The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) has chosen Marshall Bouldin and Elizabeth Spencer as recipients of Lifetime Achievement Awards in celebration of the organization’s 30th year. The presentations will be made at the annual awards ceremony and banquet on June 13, 2009, at the Lauren Rogers Art Museum in Laurel. Awards will also be given for works shown, published, or performed in 2008 in the categories of visual arts, photography, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and music composition (concert, popular). Artists must have significant ties to Mississippi and must have been nominated by an MIAL member. Judges for the various categories are chosen from outside the state.


Sunday, January 25, 2009 Conception is Murder Award winner, Dr. Darden North has served up a medical murder novel that is difficult to stash as an ordinary thriller. It is written from the omniscient point of view, which for this mystery enthusiast did require a period of adjustment. This literary style of writing is not one you often see in a mystery/suspense novel. There is no murder until late in the story, instead it is a steady building of tension between the characters and the reader who is unsuspectingly drawn into the twisted plot. To say a murder mystery is literary is trite, but I can think of no better description. The writing is so smooth and the threads of the story interlock in a fascinating fashion, but not before you are thoroughly puzzled and intrigued as to where the tale is leading. The characters are exposed through their thoughts and actions with graphic insight into the human behavior of self-deception. The frightening and chilling aspect of reading about them is

FRESH FROZEN is a HOT READ - MysteryLoversCorner reviews FRESH FROZEN

FRESH FROZEN is a HOT READ! by Laine Estep December 29, 2008, 10:18 AM EST FRESH FROZEN by Darden North, MD, is easily one of the best books I have ever read. The twists are expertly crafted, the characters are believable and the plot is enthralling! I love a book where the author takes me to uncharted territory, and Dr. North does just that! In FRESH FROZEN , the reader is taken into the territory surrounding infertility and the measures some people will take to end a painful chapter in their lives. Dr. North explains procedures the reader needs to understand, but not in so much detail as to be superfluously boring. If anything I was intrigued by his descriptions! There were a few times in reading this novel where I wondered how these aspects of the story were going to come together. Dr. North did not let me down. When he brought them together, it all seemed flawless,a masterful job!! This story had it all! I cried sometimes, laughed out loud sometimes, scratched my head in wonder a