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Southern Medical Mysteries

Southern Medical Mysteries by Darden North, MD Originally published on Jean Henry Mead's Mysterious People O4/2009 “So, you write medical mysteries?” the lady recently asked. Forget that I was inside on that beautiful spring weekend, oblivious to the nice weather, helping a Junior League organization in a nearby city raise funds for its many philanthropies. Of course, many of my doctor buddies (that is, the other ones not on call for my ob/gyn practice) were playing golf, turkey hunting, or vacationing on the beach with their families. Several years ago, I decided that my diversionary, non-physician talent resonated in writing fiction, novels in particular, so I gave up golf and left the frequent hunting trips to my son, although I still like trips to the beach. I guess the wisdom of focusing that talent in a literary direction remains in the hands and eyes of such inquisitive readers as the one at that book signing. In response to her quest

Darden North, author of medical thrillers, is featured on Mysterious People

"Mysterious People" --- Interviews with mystery/suspense/thriller/crime authors as well as articles written by them --- Sunday, April 19, 2009 ... A Conversation with Darden North, MD, author of FRESH FROZEN Hosted by author Jean Henry Mead Darden North, a practicing obstetrician, is a graduate of Ole Miss and writes award-winning medical thrillers from John Grisham territory.