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The release of Darden North's latest audiobook, the thriller “The 5 Manners of Death” written by Darden North and narrated by Steven Jay Cohen, is scheduled for November/December 2018 through . The approximately 10-hour audiobook will be available through, iTunes, and Amazon.  This is the Darden North's fifth novel and third audiobook. Author website is .  Narrator Steven Jay Cohen is not only an experienced narrator but also engineer, director, and educator with nearly 30 years experience in entertainment.  Learn the latest about Steven at .  The Five Manners of Death,  the latest thriller by nationally awarded novelist and physician Darden North, was released in print by WordCrafts Press.  North’s fifth novel,  The Five Manners of Death , is a taut, tense, and gripping tale about a long-buried secret, unleashed to begin the countdown of the five ways to die.  For Mississippi surgeon Diana