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I think I may be organic

Sharon Buchbinder, author of Some Other Child, Paranormal Romance Guild Best
Mystery/Thriller, 2012, interviewed me for her popular blog on July 30, 2013. She probed  with such queries as Why would a doctor want to write murder mysteries and thrillers ?  and Do you plot your novels or write by the seat of your pants as an organic writer?

The question that nearly stumped me was coming up with a theme song for my fourth and newly released novel Wiggle Room. Thank goodness I still watch some TV. 

I hope you enjoy the interview and comments to follow as much as I did.
----- Darden

The text of the entire piece is reprinted below (with a typo corrected), followed by posted comments:

Interview with Darden North, Author of Wiggle Room
Posted on July 30, 2013 by I am delighted to have my fellow member of Sisters in Crime, Darden North, with me today to chat with us about…

New review of WIGGLE ROOM on Martha Cheves' "A Book and a Dish"

Sometimes writers have to take a break. For many authors that means a jog around the block, an afternoon of yard work, or a round of golf ... for a lucky few, maybe a trip to Europe. Of course, a cruise might be a nice time to reflect and finish the next bestseller. However, for me a cruise is out -- since I get seasick much like my protagonist Brad Cummins in my latest thriller "Wiggle Room." (Actually Brad suffers from air sickness, a potential problem when you're an Air Force trauma surgeon.)

When taking a break from writing, I don't jog, but I work to polish off a couple of miles on the treadmill upstairs or on a neighborhood walk. Believe or not, I enjoy yardwork as another sideline. There is great catharsis in yanking up weeds.

Now author and chef Martha Cheves has challenged my versatility in a different manner, psuhing me to relax while still being constructive and creative. She's trying to turn me into a cook!

Martha asked me to take my lapt…