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Showing posts from September, 2013 Texas author Tera Shanley crossed genre lines and asked me to stop by her lively writer's blog today. Please take a look and leave a comment. ----- Darden

Fact can weave itself into fiction, especially in murder mysteries

In this news release, I comment on a contemporary news article about women physicians breaking the "glass ceiling" regarding salaries as compared to males and how the discrepancy pushes character Diana Bratton into conflict in my latest novel "Wiggle Room." I would appreciate anyone sharing his or her own experience in such promotional efforts: that is, publicly commenting on true-to-life issues and how those issues are used in a novel's plot or character development. Thanks, Darden Darden North IPPY winner in Southern Fiction for "Points of Origin" "Wiggle Room" Summer 2013

Grateful for great reviews of new thriller WIGGLE ROOM