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Nice book review of "Fresh Frozen" and "Points of Origin"

Originally published as a simultaneuous review of both books on March 19, 2011, by Dew on the Kudzu. The review is reproduced below but the link to the website review is: As reviewed by Dew on the Kudzu ( ): Darden North Medical Thrillers Saturday, March 19, 2011 Points of Origin and Fresh Frozen Author: Darden North      Publisher: Ponder House Press Darden North is a Mississippi author who also happens to be a practicing MD, which leads to a true sense of realism in his books. His writing has been described : "Finally a doctor whose writing you can read." This is true. The writing is straight forward, containing healthcare issues, but not so filled with the jargon that you lose interest after trying to decipher the medical jargon.   The plot of Points of Origin centers around Sher Foxworth, a young man who has every intention of becoming a doctor until a strange twist of

Mixing fact and fiction ... but still keeping them separate

Sometimes we mix fact with fiction in pursuing our careers. If, like I, you're writing medical thrillers and murder mysteries while still practicing medicine fulltime, it's certainly important to keep the two separate. In an interview article in the April 2011  E-Blizzard published by District VII of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, I candidly answer questions about my work in the ob/gyn field as it relates to my literary career. Here is a link to the article; however, with permission from the author, the text is reproduced below the link: From medical practice to medical thrillers: The E-Blizzard interviews novelist Dr. Darden H. North When attempting to become a novelist, it is said: “Write what you know.” For Darden H. North, MD, of Jackson, MS, that meant reaching beyond 24 years of general ob-gyn practice to delve into cut-throat medical politics, sexual discrim