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Physician Has Book Signing By SUSAN LAKES

from the Hattiesburg American Sunday, November 25, 2007 Physician and writer of medical thrillers Darden North talks with retired Oak Grove nurse Barbara Hayman at a book signing at Barnes & Noble on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi on Saturday, November 24, 2007. By Susan Lakes A customer who happens to be a retired nurse walked up to an author who happens to be a physician at a book signing on the University of Southern Mississippi campus Saturday. She told the author, "I heard some good things, especially about your second book." The author, Darden North, smiled, and then told the Oak Grove resident, Barbara Hayman, about the recognition he received for writing that second book. North, a Jackson-based writer with Columbia ties, recently earned recognition for Southern fiction at a meeting of th

Novels by Darden North, MD

Darden North, MD, is a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in Jackson, MS, who has written and independently published two hardcover novels, House Call (October 2005) and Points of Origin (October 2006), followed by paperback release of House Call in October 2007. This year marks twenty-two years of medical/surgical practice, a background that lends unmistakable authenticity to his medical thrillers as North portrays intense character relationships. Darden North’s work has not only been compared to the earlier novels of John Grisham, but also to the style of James Patterson, Greg Iles, and even Mary Higgins Clark. Points of Origin was recognized in southern fiction by the 2007 Independent Publishers Book Awards. Both House Call and Points of Origin were nominated in fiction by the Mississippi Institute for Art and Letters and by the Southern Independent Book Association. After selling over 12,000 copies of his work, North is writing a third novel as he continues to deliver babies and


Town hall-style forum: "2007: A YEAR OF WORDS." Panel will discuss topics that made 2007 a year to remember. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2007 Richard Wright Library 6:00 PM 515 W. McDowell Road; Jackson,MS PANELISTS: * Voncele Savage --- Minister/Author * Diane Johnston --- Bible Teacher/ Missionary * Jokah the General --- Hiphop artist/activist * Dana Hampton --- Mother/ Retail Supervisor * Stanley Clark --- Promoter * D.J.Downsouth --- Producer/ Hiphop artist * Darden North, MD--- Physician/ Author * Cheryl Haynes --- Elemenatary School Principal Moderated by Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations Book Club President TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED: 6:05p.m. --- "What's In a Word?" 6:25p.m. --- "Suicide: Is it ever the Answer?" 6:45p.m. --- "Abuse: Should love have to hurt?" 7:05p.m. --- "Sex, Drugs and Violence in Entertainment: How much is too much?" 7:25p.m. --- "Are we locking up our freedom of speech?" Admission to each session is free. For

Mississippi Libraries reviews POINTS OF ORIGIN

From Mississippi Libraries , Summer 2007 North, Darden. Points of Origin. Jackson, MS: Ponder House Press, 2006. 337, [3] pages. $24.95 (hardback) Arson, murder, blackmail … just a few of the events that occur in the small town of Larkspur, Mississippi. A native of Jackson, author DardenNorth, quickly dispels the myth that small towns are boring and lack entertainment. Several characters from North’s debut novel, House Call return to bring chaos to the lives of those in Larkspur. Sheridan Foxworth III is the heir to the Foxworth fortune, due to the untimely death of his parents. Sher lives in the shadow of his father, Sheridan Foxworth II, who was a successful cosmetic surgeon until the Ridleys enter his life and tear the entire Foxworth family apart. After several unsuccessful attempts to gain admission to medical school, Sher takes time to find himself. It is during his time off and due to a daring rescue that his life changes. He finds the girl of his dreams, the local lib


Please visit Ponder House Press Booth 409 in the central building of the Mississippi Trademart during 2007 Mistletoe Marketplace "Celebrate the South." Darden North ( Points of Origin and House Call ) will be joined by Alice Nicholas ( Talk Football ) and Billy Watkins ( Apollo Moon Missions: The Unsung Heroes ), making their novels and books available for sale and personal autographing. Directions to Booth 409: Enter the main/central building. Our booth is just to the left of Center Court, about midway down. Lots of other great merchants are on our "street" at Mistletoe 2007. Also, I am pleased to announce that HOUSE CALL is now available in paperback. The hardcover edition is now out-of-print ... so hang on to your copy, or better yet, buy another hardcover copy of HOUSE CALL if you can find one. Only 7000 or so were printed! You never know! --- Darden

Loyal Fan Enjoys Beach Read

Richard Aiken of Jackson, Mississippi, is caught immersed in Points of Origin and appears quite stylish in his House Call tee.

Conversations Book Club

CONVERSATIONS BOOK CLUB Many thanks to Cyrus Webb and the Conversations Book Club for the warm intellectual welcome to Waldenbooks at the Jackson, MS Metrocenter August 31, 2007. The discussion of POINTS OF ORIGIN was well lead by Mr. Webb and certainly thought provoking for me! As an author (as well as a physician) I am impressed with the tireless literary leadership shown by Cyrus Webb. I encourage all visitors to my website to check out the above web addresses to learn more about Cyrus Webb and the Arts Council. Also I appreciate the invitation to the Richard Wright Library book club held in Jackson the week before. Here is the link to learn more.... . Also check out the following links: Cyrus A. Webb, Executive Director C. A. WEBB'S NEW ART GALLERY: Conversations Book Club website: Conversations%20Flyer


Talk Radio interviews with author Darden North, MD --- Topic: Why is America So Fascinated with Medical TV Dramas? plus discussion of his novels House Call and Points of Origin : 03/19/07 WOR -AM 710 50,000 watts New York, NY 30 minutes live w/Dr. Ronald Hoffman 212.612.4477 03/21/07 Health Radio Network, Simulcast on Internet 60 minutes live with Debora “Doc” Watson 877.711.5211 03/23/07 KION -AM 1460 Monterey , CA 20 minutes live with Mark Carbonaro 831.484.7002 03/26/07 KGAB -AM 650 Denver, CO 25 minutes live “The Morning Zone” with Dave Chaffin and Amy 307.632.6500 03/27/07 KNST -AM 790 Tuscon, AZ 10 minutes live with Jim Parisi 520.618.0204 03/28/07 KCBT -AM 1040/ KCMN -AM 1530 Colorado Springs, CO 10 minutes live with Tron Simpson 719.570.1530 03/29/07 WNTN -AM 1550 Boston, MA , Simulcast on Internet 20 minutes taped with Paul Roberts 617.969.1552 04/04/07 WBT -AM 110 50,000 watts; Simulcast on Internet Charlotte, NC 10 minutes live with Don Russell 704.374.3850/3851 04/02/0

Great day at Neshoba County Fair Arts Show

Many thanks to Steve Stubbs, proprietor of Dancing Rabbit Press in Philadelphia, Mississippi, for allowing me to join him for a day-long book signing at the 2007 Neshoba County Fair Arts & Craft Show Saturday, July 21. While we were all surprised by the less than 100 degree temperatures, there was no surprise with the genuine hospitality of the people there. I personally enjoyed the opportunity to meet a hoard of new readers as well as catch-up with some of the nearly grown and really sharp looking children from the area that I was fortunate enough to greet at their birth. Please contact Steve Stubbs at 601.650.1999 about his wonderful books documenting the history of the Neshoba County Fair and county residents who served in the Civil War or the World Wars. Steve and his associate Cindy Runnels have The Shop on the Corner bookstore on the downtown square of Philadelphia, MS --- a really neat independent bookstore that no one should miss.

"Characters leap from the pages."

By Reader Views "" (Austin, Texas) Reviewed by Susan Pettrone for Reader Views (3/07) Sher Foxworth has it all, he's a star football player, popular kid, the son of a wealthy, successful plastic surgeon and a young man who, as they say, "has the world on a string with a down pull"...then his life changes in a heartbeat. His father is accused of medical malpractice in the unfortunate death of a young woman Flowers Ridley, whose mother, Charity, has high hopes of her as a pageant queen. Spurred on by a lawyer with dollar signs in his eyes and a greedy sister, Faith, Charity is relentless in her search for justice. The fact that Charity is honestly grieving for her lost daughter is lost on her relentless sister who sees no closure for Charity but unending funds to support her daughter's hopes of future pageant crowns. The malpractice case ends badly, and Dr. Foxworth is forced to sell his practice and liquidate his assets to settle the lawsu

Golden Grog Award Announcement from

Congratulations to guest Dr. Darden North from Jackson, Mississippi, winner of last week’s coveted Golden Grog Award in his debate with Diane Archer from the Institute for America’s Future over Health Care in America. In case you missed it – the show is available as a Podcast for listening or downloading online. Don’t miss this week’s show: The Immigration Debate Tune in locally on 1320AM in Jacksonville, FL or online via our streaming audio link as the show welcomes guests Al Garza from The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps & Deborah Notkin, attorney and member of the American Immigration Law Foundation. They will be discussing and debating the issue of illegal immigration in America. Go ahead and start the discussion now by posting your position in our forums section . The show will broadcast from 10:05am to 11:30am EST this Saturday morning, June 2nd. You can “Take it to the Box” by calling 904.854.1320 or by e-mailing your questions/comments to Please

POINTS OF ORIGIN signing at MS Picnic in New York's Central Park

The Annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park is Saturday, June 2. Enter Central Park at 5th Avenue and 97th across from Mount Sinai Hospital. The event is from noon to 6:00 pm. For my wife Sally and me, this will be our first time to experience this unique happening. Please come by the Delta State University School of Nursing tent where I will be signing first edition copies of my second novel POINTS OF ORIGIN , compliments of the DSU School of Nursing. Many thanks to Cheryl Oleis and her brother Ron for getting me there.

Announcement from Jacksonville, FL Radio Station

Don’t miss this week’s show: The Health Care Debate Tune in locally on 1320AM in Jacksonville, FL or online via our streaming audio link as the show welcomes guests Diane Archer from The Campaign for America’s Future & Dr. Darden North, author and practicing obstetrician/gynecologist from Jackson, Mississippi. They will be discussing and debating the issue of health care in America and what can be done to decrease costs and improve quality. Go ahead and start the discussion now by commenting on our speaker’s blogs or by posting your position in our forums section . The show broadcasts from 10:05am to 11:30am EST Saturday morning May 26th. You can “Take it to the Box” by calling 904.854.1320 or by e-mailing your questions/comments to

Points of Origin wins 2007 Book Award

Announcing Results of the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards Here are the results for Best Regional Fiction in the 11th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards as announced by Jim Barnes, Awards Director, Jenkins Group. 688 entries were received from across the U.S. and Canada. South – Best Regional Fiction: Gold: Laguna, by Michael Putegnat (Synergy Books) Silver: The Lawless Frontier, by Randy Denmon (Kensington Publishing Group) Bronze: Points of Origin, by Darden North, MD (Ponder House Press) The above announcement is an excerpt from the following link:

Hello Everyone

Since you are reading this, I assume that you are a fan of my writing or at least curious. So many have been thoughtful in sending me email and other personal notes regarding my two novels House Call and Points of Origin that I wanted a method to share updates about my writing and book signings or other related information. This narrative marks the premiere of “My Blog” which is linked to the website and is not intended as a source of medical care information or communication. Listed elsewhere on this page is a schedule of my upcoming book signings. However, I would like to draw your attention to the Mississippi Picnic scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2007 in Central Park in New York City. I have graciously been invited by the Delta State University School of Nursing to sign copies of my novels at their tent during the picnic. Please look for us. While a graduate of both the University of Mississippi undergraduate and medical schools, I grew up in Cleveland, Mis