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Conversations Book Club


Many thanks to Cyrus Webb and the Conversations Book Club for the warm intellectual welcome to Waldenbooks at the Jackson, MS Metrocenter August 31, 2007. The discussion of POINTS OF ORIGIN was well lead by Mr. Webb and certainly thought provoking for me! As an author (as well as a physician) I am impressed with the tireless literary leadership shown by Cyrus Webb. I encourage all visitors to my website to check out the above web addresses to learn more about Cyrus Webb and the Arts Council. Also I appreciate the invitation to the Richard Wright Library book club held in Jackson the week before.

Here is the link to learn more.... . Also check out the following links:

Cyrus A. Webb, Executive Director


Conversations Book Club website: www.thebestbookclub.infoConversations%20Flyer%20Copy.doc


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