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Losing My Blogging Virginity --- Trip to his 2008 Book Expo America book signing sparks author's personal interest in blogging.

6/1/2008 7:53:30 AM This morning I noticed with much appreciation that a visitor to my AuthorsDen website had clicked on the My Blog link sometime between midnight last night and eight o'clock this morning. However, I must confess that the unfortunate Internet night owl was gravely disappointed (at least I hope that he or she was disappointed, or maybe even just a little bit) by the blank space found there. Hopefully, she or he then went on to reference the many other listings on the site that I try to keep updated on a regular basis. You see, I have never blogged. I am a forty-plus year-old blogging virgin. My excuse has been that every spare writing moment is needed to complete my third mystery/suspense/medical thriller manuscript FRESH FROZEN , due for release in hardcover later in 2008. But the truth is that I simply have never known how to blog ... but then I have never tried until now. (Well, like most virgins, I have blogged one time