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Flawed characters surround us

A recent publication discussed the growing role of powerful female characters in many popular televison series and that many times the male lead becomes their kryptonite. This theme also drives the plot of many murder mysteries and thrillers. Whether on television, in the movies, or in novels, those of us seeking escape are drawn to flawed characters. Male and female characters create many conlicts with the opposite sex and drive a novel's plot. Murder mysteries and mystery fiction novels abound with men who lose the sexual battle but somehow find redemption. Are audiences as forgiving when a female protagonist is derailed by a love interest? Contemporary television does not seem to think so, and that concept helps this writer create flawed female characters that practically write award winner books themselves . To read more: Darden North is the author of four novels including "Points of Origin," awarded an IPPY in Southern Fictio Texas author Tera Shanley crossed genre lines and asked me to stop by her lively writer's blog today. Please take a look and leave a comment. ----- Darden

Fact can weave itself into fiction, especially in murder mysteries

In this news release, I comment on a contemporary news article about women physicians breaking the "glass ceiling" regarding salaries as compared to males and how the discrepancy pushes character Diana Bratton into conflict in my latest novel "Wiggle Room." I would appreciate anyone sharing his or her own experience in such promotional efforts: that is, publicly commenting on true-to-life issues and how those issues are used in a novel's plot or character development. Thanks, Darden Darden North IPPY winner in Southern Fiction for "Points of Origin" "Wiggle Room" Summer 2013

Grateful for great reviews of new thriller WIGGLE ROOM

I think I may be organic

Sharon Buchbinder, author of Some Other Child , Paranormal Romance Guild Best Mystery/Thriller, 2012, interviewed me for her popular blog on July 30, 2013. She probed  with such queries as Why would a doctor want to write murder mysteries and thrillers ?  and Do you plot your novels or write by the seat of your pants as an organic writer? .  The question that nearly stumped me was coming up with a theme song for my fourth and newly released novel Wiggle Room . Thank goodness I still watch some TV.  I hope you enjoy the interview and comments to follow as much as I did. ----- Darden The text of the entire piece is reprinted below (with a typo corrected), followed by posted comments:                        Interview with Darden North, Author of Wiggle Room Posted on July 30, 2013 by Sharon Buchbinder I am delighted to have my fellow member
Wiggle Room reviewed on .

New review of WIGGLE ROOM on Martha Cheves' "A Book and a Dish"

Sometimes writers have to take a break. For many authors that means a jog around the block, an afternoon of yard work, or a round of golf ... for a lucky few, maybe a trip to Europe. Of course, a cruise might be a nice time to reflect and finish the next bestseller. However, for me a cruise is out -- since I get seasick much like my protagonist Brad Cummins in my latest thriller "Wiggle Room." (Actually Brad suffers from air sickness, a potential problem when you're an Air Force trauma surgeon.) When taking a break from writing, I don't jog, but I work to polish off a couple of miles on the treadmill upstairs or on a neighborhood walk. Believe or not, I enjoy yardwork as another sideline. There is great catharsis in yanking up weeds. Now author and chef Martha Cheves has challenged my versatility in a different manner, psuhing me to relax while still being constructive and creative. She's trying to turn me into a cook! Martha asked me to take my la Gets a Re-do To celebrate the June 2013 release of my fourth novel WIGGLE ROOM from publisher Sartoris Literary Group, my website received a long-awaited update.   With the help of Denton Gibbes and Craig West, Creative Director at the Gibbes Company, the site has been expanded to include the new novel. We kept the general format of the site which has worked well since my first thriller HOUSE CALL was released in 2005. Clicking the image of each novel on the Home page provides a link to that book’s dedicated page. A synopsis appears with each novel as well as related information or promotional pieces. WIGGLE ROOM, also available in print and eBook, is unique in that its page features much-appreciated blurbs from advance-reader authors. I used this revision to incorporate improvements suggested by a website reviewer and to add features that I liked from other websites. These changes included using a lighter background shade, shorter copy for the book sy

WIGGLE ROOM by Darden North will be available nationwide on June 1, 2013

Sartoris Literary Group Announces the Upcoming Release of Wiggle Room by Dr. Darden North: A tense and terrifying contemporary thriller set against the backdrop of the Iraqi war and the Deep South, Wiggle Room will be available nationwide on June 1, 2013   JACKSON, Mississippi – Sartoris Literary Group announces the upcoming release of Wiggle Room by Dr. Darden North.   Wiggle Room (ISBN: 978-0-9889474-7-4, Trade Paper, 266 pages, $19.95) will be available wherever fine books are sold on June 1, 2013. Wiggle Room will also be available in an eBook edition ($8.95)   Written by award-winning novelist Dr. Darden North, Wiggle Room has garnered high advance praise, including:   “A rollercoaster ride of murder, intrigue, and plot twists. Wiggle Room keeps you turning the pages to the final, climactic finish.” — Robert Dugoni, New York Times best-selling author of The Conviction   “An action-packed, edge-of-the-seat thriller.” — Carolyn Haines, author of Bonefire o